Health benefits of winter yoga

We’ve hit the middle of winter and its a time of year we can enjoy hot soups and casseroles, snuggling up in a blanket to watch movies and spending lots of cosy time by the fire or heater staying warm. But winter can bring its fair share of gloom with less sun and warmth to energise us along with the usual colds, coughs, aching joints, dry skin and feeling lethargic.

Yoga can definitely be a powerful addition to your winter survival kit.

Fight the winter blues:
With less sunshine, shorter days and often cold, gloomy, grey weather, winter can have a significant effect on our mood and energy levels. While our natural instinct can be often be hiding away from the world, getting onto the yoga mat and moving the body can have a positive effect on mood. A Satmya Yoga class incorporates asana (phsycial postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and yoga nidra (relaxation) to get your body moving, energise you and calm the mind.

Keep moving, keep warm:
On cold nights it can be tempting to skip yoga class and stay home. But getting yourself to class and moving your body through asana (yoga poses) will get your circulation moving, increase body temperature and warm up cold hands and feet by increasing blood flow to these areas. Regular yoga during winter also reduces stiffness and joint pain which can often flair up during the colder weather.

Fighting winter bugs:
Winter doesn’t have to be a time of lowered immunity. Regular yoga practice helps to boost our body’s immune system and pranayama techniques can have a positive effect on clearing congested chests and sinuses. In particular, warming pranayama exercises can assist the body in fighting off winter viruses and infections or help us recover from a winter cold quickly.