Felicity (City) West

meditation matarangi

Certified Qoya Teacher • Diploma Yoga • Diploma Yoga Therapy • RYT 500 Yoga Teacher

Felicity, affectionately known as City by friends, is a fully qualified and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200 and RYT500 with the Yoga Alliance) and Yoga Therapist. 20 years ago she first stepped on the mat during her final year of high school. That experienced stayed with her and ignited a life long love of yoga.

City’s yoga and movement journey eventually brought her to Qoya, a movement practice for women created by Rochelle Schieck, that brings together yoga, sacred movement, dance, breathwork, meditation, community ritual, ceremony and more. She fell in love with the practice and in 2016 she undertook Qoya teacher training, completing it in January 2017 only 5 weeks after the birth of her first child.

Currently she is taking a break from teaching yoga classes at Satmya Yoga to focus on raising her daughter and teaching monthly, women’s Qoya classes.


Professional Bio


She completed her one year, 720 hour Diploma in Yoga through Wellpark College of Natural Therapies, studying with the renowned Dr Sridhar Maddela and Dr Pooja Maddela. Her training with the Maddelas continued as she embarked on the one year, 720 hour Diploma in Yoga Therapy to build on the in depth knowledge and skills gained in her yoga teacher training. On completion of her studies she has gained over 1440 hours of yoga training along with a much deeper knowledge of Yoga and Integrated Yoga Therapy practices.

Exploring the magic of yoga as a support through the journey of pregnancy is another of Felicity’s yoga passions. She is currently undertaking her Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teacher training through Bliss Baby Yoga to further build on her current training in pregnancy yoga.

Felicity’s classes are accessible to students of all ages and abilities, encouraging each student to work at their own pace and level by listening to their body. Providing modifications or extensions for yoga postures allows all students to grow and evolve in their yoga practice at their own pace. Felicity enjoys creating a warm, welcoming environment for her students to take time out from their busy lives to soften, unwind and reconnect with themselves.

In 2016 Felicity completed her Introduction and Initiation Qoya Teacher Trainings, going on to complete her final Intensive Teacher Training with founder Rochelle Schieck in January 2017. She is mentored by Samar Ciprian who brought Qoya to New Zealand and first introduced her to the practice. She also belongs to a vibrant and thriving community of Qoya teachers in Auckland.

Personal Yoga Story

The following is taken from an interview Felicity did with The Yoga Connection. You can read the full interview here.

My first experience of yoga was 20 years ago in my final year of high school. I’d been doing ballet and jazz since I was four so I thought yoga would be easy and just stretching. Boy, was I wrong. It was challenging. But even though I enjoyed it, being a teenager I thought I was far too cool for yoga so moved on.

That experience did plant the seeds that have drawn me back to the mat over and over again throughout my life, usually when things were spinning out of control. Keeping up yoga when I was in my early 20’s and stressed out at uni was an incredible experience of really being in my body rather than up in my head. That’s the gift of yoga, being able to come home to your body no matter what is going on in life all around you. That is what always brought me back.

Over the next 10 years I ping-ponged between getting caught up in my graphic design career and relationships, drifting away from my practice, and then getting drawn back onto my mat when I was ungrounded and disconnected.

Yoga really saved me and became a permanent, on-going, supportive part of my life during 2009/2010 when my world had completely fallen to pieces in every way imaginable. I was physically and emotionally burned out with adrenal fatigue and PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome); I was working myself into the ground and miserable at art school; I had a relationship end in the most ugly of ways; I lost my home, my car, a loved one went to prison and I felt so broken I didn’t know how to keep going.

Yoga classes were the one thing that filled me up in a way nothing else could. My yoga expanded into a home practice and combined with an incredible ayurvedic practitioner I found a way to keep going. I got to come home to myself and find my way from there. Yoga transformed the feeling of being broken into feeling broken open with growth. I never looked back.

“Yoga is one of the big loves of my life and nothing gives me greater joy than sharing the beauty of yoga with others.”