Some yoga is better than NO yoga!

city mike crow matarangi

Even if you can’t make it to classes in January, try to keep up a bit of home practice wherever you may be. Yes, even if you’re camping or off holidaying someplace beautiful. Your body and mind will thank you for it. While on holiday, Michael and I chose to have some fun doing crow pose on the deck before heading out for a swim!

The following are simple ways to fit some quick yoga into the day:

  • When you first wake up, take a moment to perform 5 abdominal breathes. Rather than let your mind race ahead to all the things on your to do list, this gives you a chance to wake up feeling a little more calm.
  • Do a couple of rounds of sun salutations in the morning or even during afternoon tea.
  • Try a gentle spinal twist in the evening before you hop into bed.
  • Get creative, do a few yoga poses like butterfly while you’re watching tv or use ad breaks as a chance to do some downward dog, tree pose or a gentle forward bend.
  • Get your kids involved, they are natural yogis. Get them doing some downward dogs, churning the mill (stirring the pot) or cat stretches and make up some fun stories around the poses.

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