Spring is in the air!

Even the weeds are blooming

Even the weeds are blooming

Spring is a time when the much anticipated returning warmth starts thawing out the ice and cold of winter in our environments.

Traditionally in Yoga (and its sister healing modality Ayurveda), spring is a time when we see these same effects in the body with accumulated “ice and cold” (we call this Kapha dosha) starting to liquefy and run out of the body, often leading to people getting spring colds. With an abundance of blooming spring flowers shedding their pollen, spring is also a time for hay fever and allergies to flair up too.

Here are some simple Yoga and Ayurveda based tips for navigating Spring!

  • Have light, easily digestible meals and try to avoid the larger, heavy meals we tend to favour in winter.
  • Even though the sun is teasing us with some stunning, warm days, in spring it is best to stay away from cold drinks and ice cream until summer is officially here.
  • Drink plenty of warming teas. Ginger and cinnamon is a delicious tea to try.
  • Do your best to keep warm and dry, avoiding cold drafts, damp environments and air conditioning if you can.
  • Increase your exercise gradually. Take advantage of the increasing daylight and try a quick walk in the morning or hop on your yoga mat for either some rounds of Sun Salutations at home or join us for a Satmya Yoga class and get the body moving for spring!
  • Use the uplifting spring energy to come out of winter hibernation and get stuck into some projects. Planting some herbs and veggies for summer, tackling some spring cleaning around the home, cleaning out your wardrobe or committing to regular, weekly exercise such as walks in nature or yoga so you can feel energised and healthy when summer arrives.

As a trained Yoga Therapist as well as a Yoga Teacher, I love using my knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda to navigate the changing seasons and keep healthy. I hope these spring tips have been helpful.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me or have a chat after class.



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