One on One Yoga

Felicity also offers one on one private yoga instruction by appointment for individuals wanting a more personalised yoga practice, the convenience of a yoga class to suit your schedule or for help with specific health/physical concerns.

These sessions include warmup, asana practice (yoga poses) and end with a short yoga nidra (relaxation). Sessions are tailored to the physical needs, injuries and requirements of the private students.

  • Private sessions are held at the Satmya Yoga studio, last for one hour and can be for up to 3 people to share the session.
  • $60 for a one off, $50 for those students who have an ongoing weekly private class
  • Limited spots are available each week.

These one on one sessions use techniques/principles of yoga to address muscle and joint-related disorders, hypertension and stress-related conditions along with other health concerns systematically using movements to strengthen, stretch and stabilize the muscular-skeletal system, smooth and deepen respiratory rhythms, improve circulation, balance internal physiology and emotions and target the natural recuperative powers of the body through lifestyle management.

For more information or to book a one on one session, please contact Felicity.